About Us

Our History of Caring

Doctor and Patient For more than 50 years, DeKalb Medical has upheld an exemplary standard of patient care, implementing innovative programs to improve the comfort of our patients and the health of our community. As DeKalb County's first community hospital, DeKalb Medical has set the standard for delivering exceptional patient care through a team of dedicated and involved Care Partners who always make sure the patient comes first.

DeKalb Medical opened its doors in 1961 as DeKalb General Hospital with 66 medical professionals and 300 employees. By the end of 1970, more than 800 employees worked at the 200-bed acute care facility. In 1971, we expanded to 600 beds, making us the second largest hospital in Atlanta. The late 1970s brought the addition of a coronary care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit and expansion of the hospital's rehabilitation and mental health services. DeKalb General was renamed DeKalb Medical Center in 1989, and to DeKalb Medical in 2007, marking its evolution into a state-of-the-art medical complex.